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Bracks denies vic kept in the dark over waterboarding claim

Bracks denies vic kept in the dark over waterboarding claim

The former top defence official says that the revelations will cause serious damage to the credibility of the defence department.

Gareth Porter, QC, told the inquiry that there is a danger of a ‘disinformation storm’ which could see the “doubts” about the effectiveness of waterboarding being used as a “weapon of political persuasion” and as an excuse for the government to conduct more mi우리카지노litary operations in Iraq.

He added that the new information “has a real risk of causing harm to the credibility of the government in a number of areas because it will undermine their case in a number of areas.”

Mr Porter also described the failure to release the information on the treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, saying that his lawyers have had to spend years researching which records could be used as evidence against any of the defendants.

He said a secret file, which should have been made public, “seemed to go unnoticed by lawyers”.

‘Impossible to know’

The inquiry heard that many of the defence department’s defence advisers are involved in the investigation, with Sir Geoffrey Dickens QC and Sir Richard Dearlove, a retired army officer, also being appointed as public inquiry witnesses.

But one source suggested that it was very difficult for experts to know what is being asked of them because they have not been fully informed.

Gareth Porter, QC

“At the moment they seem not to be in a position to know what is being asked an바카라사이트d they cannot answer questions to the full extent that the truth might come out,” said one former senior public inquiry investigator.

Mr Porter told the inquiry: “This will be a major scandal to the defence department in general, but it will be a national scandal to the government, too.

“I cannot understand why it is that it has been, and it seems to me that they 바카라need to tell us about the information to which they are now giving – and if the question is, is that even possible, I am not sure. This goes to such a level that the defence lawyer’s lawyers are just getting the worst end of this.”

His statement was echoed by Lord Adonis, the Liberal Democrat peer and former chairman of the inquiry, who told the hearing he could not understand the “serious breach” of the rules of the inquiry.

Mr Dearlove did not deny that he had been asked to make a submission to the public inquiry, but said: “I have to tell you what the trut

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